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Welcome to The White Family Digital Scrapbook.  We decided to set these pages up as a place to hold our memories, from all the things we do, and the places we visit, a kind of scrapbook, but digitally.  We didn’t want to just leave all our precious photos on various memory cards, or flash drives and they just stay there forever gathering dust with no one ever looking at them and remembering our adventures.  Also, the rest of the family and various other friends we’ve made over the years can also now see and enjoy them.

From here, it snowballed a bit!  I (Rayne, wife to Tony and Step-Mum to Kat) love to dabble a little in writing when we’re away, or we’ve been somewhere. I usually travel with a notebook and pen (old school I know!) but I just love the process of jotting down little notes to myself about restaurants and hotels we visit, or various theatre productions we go to.  I just can’t help it! Tony suggested that I write bit up to go with our photos, to tell the story of each of the places we’ve been lucky enough to visit.

So here it is!




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